15 Maret 2014

I, Frankenstein (2014)

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<img src="I, Frankenstein.jpg" alt="I, Frankenstein Cover">Stars    :  Aaron Eckheart, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Bill Nighy
Score   :  5.0 / 10
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Last month, I got an invitation from my friend to watch a movie. We are a big fan of horror movies even though we were ladies. :D. At that time, there are two alternative movies to watch. The first is a horror film titled The Pact and the second is a sci-fi action movie themed, I-Frankenstein. But we finally decided to watch I-Frankenstein, because it first aired in Indonesian cinema than The Pact. Fortunately, after a few days, I found the Pact at a DVD store, it can treat my disappointment for failing to watch a horror movie at cinema. The Pact review can be read in this link : http://www.reviewcinema.com/2014/03/THE-PACT.html

Back to I-Frankenstein, when heard the title, we must be familiar with Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein is a character name from a novel by Mary Shelly. In the novel, told that Frankenstein is a mad professor who made a monster from the parts of dead body. The pieces were put together by stitching and was revived with electricity and lightning (Source :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankenstein). Yes, the story in I-Frankenstein is taking the idea of a monster created by Frankenstein, named Adam. 

Victor Frankenstein (Aden Young) made a monster (Aaron Eckhart). The monster was made very similar to humans. Frankenstein writes all his observation into a book. One day, Frankenstein was worried about the monster. He was afraid if one day the monster will hurt him. He threw the monster into the sea. But the monster could survive and return to Frankenstein for revenge. The monster killed Frankenstein's wife. Frankenstein became angry and chased the monster. It was winter, not like the monster that can survive from cold weather, Frankenstein finally froze and died. The monster found Frankenstein body and brought it to home to be buried near the grave of his wife. The monster also found Frankenstein's book and bring the book.  

<img src="I, Frankenstein.jpg" alt="I, Frankenstein Dr.Frankenstein book">
Dr. Frankenstein Book

<img src="I, Frankenstein.jpg" alt="I, Frankenstein Adam">

When burying Frankenstein, a group of devil, the army of Naberius (Bill Nighy), attacked the monster and tried to grab the book. Fortunately, two gargoyles, Ophir and Keziah knew it and save the monster. They brought the monster to meet the leader, Leonore (Miranda Otto). Leonore already knew about Naberius' plan that would like to steal the book. Naberius wants to make a big army to take over the world. Naberius also will spread the secrets that human can be made without created by God. Naberius wants to destroy gargoyles and humans.

<img src="I, Frankenstein.jpg" alt="I, Frankenstein Leonore and Gideon">
Leonore and Gideon

<img src="I, Frankenstein.jpg" alt="I, Frankenstein Gargoyles army, Gideon and friends">
Gargoyles Army, Gideon and friends

Actually, the gargoyles will kill the monster, but Leonore canceled it and protect the monster from the devil. Leonore felt the monster can help gargoyles to save the world and humans. Leonore gave the monster name, Adam. But after all the bad things happened with the master, Frankenstein, Adam did not want to trust anyone. Adam went run away from the gargoyles. 

Adam forced to live nomadic and hiding for years. He had to survive alone from the pursuit of devil who wants the book. The film setting entered a modern and technology era, they meet again in the night club. At that time, Naberius has prepared his great plan and involves a genius woman professor, Terra (Yvonne Strahovski). Terra helps Naberius in research to revive dead animal, but she did not know anything about Naberius' cruel plan. 

<img src="I, Frankenstein.jpg" alt="I, Frankenstein Gargoyles">

<img src="I, Frankenstein.jpg" alt="I, Frankenstein Gargoyles vs Demon">
Gargoyles vs Demon

At the beginning of film, the story was interesting, especially when there is a conflict between 3 groups which have different purposes. First is the gargoyle in a mission to create a peace on earth. Second is the devil who wants to destroy the gargoyles, humans and to take over the world. And the last is human (Adam) who just wants a freedom and a peace of life, but have a bad experience in the past. But sadly, after the film setting entered the modern era, the story becomes not interesting anymore and tends to be forced. The presence of technology in the middle of story which has a theme related to religious (God, angel, devil and human) are less suitable. I think if the setting maintained in old era, would be more good.

This movie is a less action movie. The action in the battle between gargoyles and the devil, can not be enjoyed because of too much fire everywhere. It is better for me to watch a battle when the gargoyles are still in human form, because when they change into gargoyle, they more often seen flying than fighting. And if they fight, I only see the fire. I also wait for single fighting between the characters, especially Gideon (a gargoyle commander), but until the end of film, it does not exist. So, after 45 minutes of the movie goes, I was sleepy and bored. 

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